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Tribes and Tribal Government

President's budget promises big benefits for Tribal Lands

Last week, I had a chance to visit with the National Congress of American Indians to talk about President Obama's transportation budget proposal and what it means for our tribal lands.  And the news was very good.

We all know that transportation isn't just about how we get from one point to another – it's, what President Obama likes to call, a ladder of opportunity.

This is especially true in Indian Country, where a rebuilt road or a new transit system can make the difference in a child getting to school, a father getting to work, or a tribal elder getting to the doctor...

Photo of road work on Jicarilla Apache tribal land

DOT awards road safety grants to Tribal Nations

Today, the Obama Administration is holding its 5th Tribal Nations Conference, and we at DOT are proud to be part of the President’s initiative to build a more respectful, collaborative relationship that moves our nations closer to our shared goals. One of those shared goals is improving transportation.

And that is a key part of our mission at DOT. We are committed to ensuring that everyone –regardless of where you live– has access to safe transportation.

Today, I’m happy to announce the latest evidence of that commitment as we award $8.6 million to 183 tribes to increase transportation safety on their lands. These new funds will help improve and protect the roads for everyone who depends on them.

Photo of Secretary Foxx at the White House Tribal Nations Conference
Photo courtesy U.S. Department of the Interior.

A stronger, safer transportation future for Indian Country

At DOT, we’re committed to ensuring that everyone who needs a ride to earn a paycheck, attend school, see the doctor, or buy groceries has that opportunity – whether they live in an urban center, a rural community, or on tribal land.

That’s why I was pleased to speak to the National Tribal Transportation Conference in Prior Lake, Minnesota, about the Obama Administration’s strong commitment to improving tribal transportation resources and safety.

Photo of NHTSA Administrator Strickland at Tribal Transportation event

Federal agencies collaborate to better assist tribal communities

We know from other partnerships with our sister agencies, that when it comes to meeting challenges, a coordinated approach is a better approach. Whether it's the White House Rural Council or the inter-agency Partnership for Sustainable Communities, combining our efforts and resources is simply a more efficient way to get things done. So at DOT, we're happy to join our efforts to improve transportation in Indian Country with the work of other Federal agencies.

DOT has already been hard at work helping develop locally-supported transportation projects that connect tribal communities with opportunity.

Photo of road work on Jicarilla Apache lands