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News Digest DOT 18-14

DOT to Call for Innovative Research Proposals from Small Businesses.  The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) seeks innovative proposals from small businesses interested in conducting research needed by the Department’s agencies.  On February 4, DOT’s John A.

Today’s youth are the future of transportation

While in Atlanta for the National Conference of State Legislators earlier this week, I had the opportunity to sit down with a talented group of young people to discuss opportunities for careers in transportation. With approximately 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day, it's important the next generation is aware and excited about the career possibilities in the transportation industry.

With the need for transportation services always growing, it’s a particularly great time to consider a career in the industry. Fifty percent of the current transportation workforce will be eligible to retire by 2013 – that is double the rate of the overall U.S. workforce.  This means there will be a high demand for transportation operators, from truck drivers and pilots to inspectors and rail workers.

News Digest

  • U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary LaHood Awards $400,000 to Develop Hybrid Road Locomotive Technologies. 
  • U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary LaHood Awards more than $400,000 to Improve Track Safety 
  • MassDOT Receives $2.7 Million to Improve Freight and Passenger Service
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