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Retrospective Regulatory Review

We want YOUR advice on cutting more red tape

In January 2011, President Obama outlined a plan to improve regulation and regulatory review. He challenged agencies across the federal government to review rules already on the books and remove those that are out-of-date, unnecessary, excessively burdensome, or in conflict with other rules.

The Department’s 2011 final plan listed 79 existing rules for which the Department had already undertaken or proposed actions that promise significant savings in terms of money and time. In addition, we identified 56 other rules with potential savings.

Today, even as the first round of reviews is being completed, DOT is launching a second round of retrospective review to save our partners even more. But, because we know that meaningful review requires meaningful input from those affected by the Department’s regulations, we need your help...

Photo of President Obama talking about making it easier to do business in America