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DBE Bonding Assistance Reimbursable Fee Program

This new program, which will be administered by the Department of Transportation’s Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU), allows small and disadvantaged businesses to apply to be reimbursed for bonding premiums and fees incurred when competing for, or performing on, transportation infrastructure projects funded by ARRA. The program will be especially helpful for businesses with traditionally less working capital than larger contractors.

Certification Reports by State

Certifications Required by Sections 1201, 1511, and 1607

State and local governments and agencies must complete several certifications required under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

These include section 1201, Maintenance of Effort; section 1511, Transparency and Oversight; and section 1607, Additional Funding Distribution and Assurance of Appropriate Use of Funds.

In the case of section 1511, the certification must be made and posted before funds are received.

The listing of States and their equivalent below, when clicked, make available the certifications received to date from those governments. 
The “Other” link at the end of the listing  makes available certifications from other entities, such as cities, counties, airports and regional transit operators.



U.S. DOT Guidance on Recovery Act Certifications

Secretary LaHood’s February 27, 2009 Letter

Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood issued guidance on February 27, 2009, requesting action by the Nation’s Governors to make certifications and other assurances that the funding made available under the Recovery Act will be spent for worthy infrastructure projects.

View the letter: PDF