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National Online Dialogue for MAP-21 Section 1305 - Programmatic Approaches

Welcome to FHWA and FTA’s National Online Dialogue webpage for MAP-21’s Section 1305 rulemaking on expanding the use of Programmatic Approaches in environmental decision-making!

MAP-21 Section 1305 requires FHWA and FTA to initiate a rulemaking to allow for the use of programmatic approaches that are consistent with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and other applicable laws to conduct environmental reviews.  FHWA and FTA are conducting outreach to these stakeholders through a national online dialogue and targeted listening sessions. Following completion of the outreach process, the Agencies will initiate a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that provides interested parties with the opportunity to comment on proposed new and/or modified Agency regulations.

Executive Order 13258

Amending Executive Order 12866 on Regulatory Planning and Review Notice of February 26, 2002— Continuation of the National Emergency Relating to Cuba and of the Emergency Authority Relating to the Regulation of the Anchorage and Movement of Vessels VerDate