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Passenger Rail

DOT using innovative financing to move passenger rail forward

In cities and towns across the country, rail investments lead to more jobs, increased private sector buy-in, and better infrastructure for everyone. It’s a true win-win-win situation. And to fully realize the potential for rail in America, we must continue investing federal resources and leveraging them with our public and private sector partners.

That's the essence of what I said at a House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure hearing on Innovative Rail Financing earlier this week. Funding the passenger rail investments America needs is an important challenge; fortunately DOT has a lot to build on.

Photo of new Amtrak Cities Sprinter locomotive built by Siemens in the U.S.

Passenger rail/high-speed rail Rehabilitation

Discussion was with Santa Barbara County Association of Governments and Mayor Hicks of Buellton and Mayor Alverez of Guadalupe to discuss passenger rail improvements to address congestion. The primary discussion was about the role of Amtrak and the potential use of Railroad Rehabilitation and Improvement Financing loan program to develop the infrastructure and service to initiate a commuter-tytpe service in this area. However the status of the ARRA high-speed rail grant guidance was discussed in very general terms. (States and Amtrak are eligible so the County would need to work with Caltrans, guidance will be available by June 17, an outreach session for the California corridor will be in Sacramento on May 28)