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IT Vital Signs

The Department of Transportation Chief Information Officer is developing an IT Vital Signs reporting tool to affect better strategic alignment of the services and allocation of resources of the Department’s information management and technology resources in order to identify business outcome and operational efficiency opportunities.

Business Catalogue

The Chief Information Officer for the U.S. Department of Transportation (US DOT) is developing an Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) based, Business Service Catalog (IT to Business Units). Faced with continued cost pressures, as well as growing customer demand for new services and higher service levels, IT operations of many Global 2000 corporations as well as Federal government agencies are embarking on fundamental business transformations. Federal CIOs and other IT executives must align their business services with the needs of their customers, improve customer satisfaction, and deploy standardized processes to achieve greater operational efficiency.

Visual DOT

VisualDOT is a Web-based data visualization tool. It gives users the ability to select and view Department of Transportation (DOT) information in easy-to-understand ways. Using geospatial maps, visualDOT integrates information collected by the DOT Operating Administrations, and provides ways for users to create a context or story out of that data. Users can visually explore how the nation’s vast transportation network affects their lives by dynamically creating and interacting with maps and graphs pertaining to transportation themes and interest areas.


IdeaHub is an online community that facilitates innovation and collaboration within the DOT and the Operating Administrations (OAs). It’s designed to bring comprehensive, cultural change to the DOT through the use of a collaborative website. IdeaHub is more than a suggestion box. Through this exciting online community, you and your colleagues will be able to submit, comment on, improve, and rate each other’s ideas. No idea is too big or too small.