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Disability Resource Center

DRC Handbook Chapter 11: Services Outside the Scope of the DRC

In some situations, the employee and supervisor/decision maker might request an accommodation that the DRC cannot provide because that accommodation is beyond DRC’s authority.  If possible, in those instances the DRC will provide information and resources on how the accommodation can be obtained outside of the DRC, should the supervisor/decision maker and employee wish to pursue the accommodation.

DRC Handbook Chapter 10: Scooter Loan Program

The DRC has a Scooter Loan Program to assist managers and employees with short-term mobility issues such as minor surgical procedures, accidents, injuries or illnesses that restrict an employee's ability to move around the workplace. DOT employees with mobility issues of a long-term nature should follow DOT reasonable accommodation guidelines for seeking long-term accommodations through their direct supervisor and the DRC.

Disability Resource Center

The Department of Transportation's Disability Resource Center (DRC) provides job accommodations and related services to DOT employees and job applicants. The DOT Office of Human Resource Management operates the DRC with guidance from the Departmental Office of Civil Rights.