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Shipyard grants support jobs, freight, and the environment

Last week in Paducah, Kentucky, I had the opportunity to tour the M/V Donna Rushing. This tug, originally built in 1973, received a top-to-bottom renovation in 2011, making it one of the most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly towboats on U.S. inland waterways.

Photo of the m?V Donna Rushing pushing barges up the Ohio River

While it may look the same as it did when it was first built 40 years ago, this workhorse has been updated with more than one hundred energy-saving and environmentally-friendly components. Two new fuel-efficient engines running on biofuel also double as heaters for the boat’s wheelhouse, galley, and cabins. Environmentally friendly hydraulic oils and lubricants as well as a shift to LED lighting for better illumination and efficiency add to the Donna Rushing's sustainable improvements...

Sarah Feinberg

Chief of Staff

Sarah Feinberg joined the Department in September 2013 to serve as the department’s Chief of Staff. In this role, Feinberg provides strategic advice and counsel to the Secretary regarding operational and legislative initiatives across all modes of transportation. One of Feinberg’s key priorities is to lead the effort on the Department and Secretary’s $302 billion surface transportation reauthorization plan.

Innovative Policy

We encourage policies and programs at all levels of government that support innovative financing strategies for transportation infrastructure projects.  Contact us to learn more or to suggest other exemplary State or local programs.

Federal policy

GROW AMERICA Act Fact Sheet - The Administration’s surface transportation reauthorization proposal includes several provisions that could spur greater public and private collaboration on infrastructure projects.  It would:

Project Delivery

Below are resources that explain review requirements and discuss the work underway to improve project delivery.

National Environmental Policy Act Procedures - The Operating Administrations within the Department have their own specific procedures for complying with the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

Education: Financing Options

US DOT manages several programs that provide project finance assistance to State, local, and private project sponsors, reducing project costs and increasing flexibility. Project finance gives State and local project sponsors the ability to accelerate the delivery of needed infrastructure projects, often in partnership with private sector investors. A combination of several of the options below funded some successful projects, such as Denver’s Union Station.



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