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Legal Documents of Interest to the Public

From time to time, the Office of the General Counsel generates documents, such as legal opinions and interpretations, that may be of interest to the public and helpful in understanding law and regulations pertinent to transportation. A selection of these documents follows.  

Legal Documents of Interest to the Public
International Matters 

Deputy General Counsel Letter re: Passenger Facility Charge Refunds

Assistant General Counsel Letter re: Whether Maryland Gross Receipts Tax Violates the Anti-Head Tax Act 1/29/2010
Assistant General Counse Letter re: Whether U.S. to Seoul to Saipan Consitutes Cabotage8/31/2009
General Counsel Opinion re: Preemption of Texas Law Affecting Air Ambulances11/3/2008
General Counsel Letter to Repesentative Kanjorski re: Nanticoke City Redevelopment5/27/2008
Hawaii Certificate of Need Program Requirements for Air Ambulance Operators4/23/2007
General Counsel Letter re: Whether a Los Angeles Contracting Ordinance is Compatible with DOT's "Full and Open Competition" Acquisition Requirements6/25/2004
General Counsel Letter re: Whether a 2001 Appropriations Restriction Mandates Advance Notice of Furnishing a Presidential Appointee's Office9/6/2002
Operation of Air Ambulance Service as a Direct Air Carrier or Indirect Air Carrier2/4/2002
General Counsel Letter re: Whether 49 U.S.C. 41720 Extends Beyond Domestic Carriers to Foreign Air Carriers12/28/1998
Use of International Air Service Route RIghts as Collateral for Long-Term Financing3/20/1992
Secretary's Conditional Finding That Hawaii Handling of Off-AIrport Duty-Free Revenes Complies with Section 511(g) of AIP Act4/11/1991
Possible Security Interest Created in International Air Service Route Rights9/18/1990
Secretary's Letter Advising Hawaii That Its Diversion of Off-Airport Duty-Free Revenues Violates Federal Grant Obligations Under Section 511(a)(12) of the AIP Act6/19/1989
Preemption of State Smoking Requirements on Air Carriers Operating in the State1/20/1988
General Counsel Letter to United AIrlines Stating That a Codeshare with a Foreign Air Carrier is a Wet Lease Requiring a Statement of Authorization12/18/1987
Views on Whether a City Subsidy of One Carrier but not Others Violates Federal Law11/16/1987
Preemption of State Entry Requirements on Indirect Air Carriers Operating in the State8/8/1986
Preemption of State Regulation of Emergency Air Ambulances Operating in the State6/16/1986
Applicability of Section 1113 of the FAA Act of 1958 to Local Taxation of Air Taxi Service12/18/1985
Civil Aeronautics Board General Counsel Opinion re: Whether CP Air Truck-Air Cargo Shipment to Honolulu via Vancouver (BC) Constitutes Cabotage2/7/1983
Civil Aeronautics Board General Counsel Opinion re: AVIANCA "Transhipment" of Cargo at Miami (to or from NYC) Between Valid Foreign Flights Constitutes Cabotage12/7/1982
Civil Aeronautics Board General Counsel Opinion re: Whether Japan Air Lines Requires Additional Authority to Conduct Certain Operations9/16/1960
Civil Aeronautics Board Opinion of Certain "Rights and Responsibilities" Related to Co-Terminal Points12/16/1949






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