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Congratulations to OOIDA on 40 years of trucking safety leadership

Congratulations to OOIDA on 40 years of trucking safety leadership

I want to congratulate the Owner Operator Independent Drivers Association on 40 years of effective advocacy for road safety, fair treatment of America's truck drivers, and an efficient transportation network. OOIDA has come a long way since its beginnings at a truck stop on I-70. And today, the group is an important partner to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration--particularly on safety issues.

The safety culture that OOIDA has developed among its members has been tremendously important--for commercial drivers, their families, and everyone on our roadways.

One indication of the strength of that culture is OOIDA's Safe Driving Awards recognizing OOIDA members for their safe, accident-free years while operating a commercial vehicle. I was happy to join OOIDA leaders at the Heart of America Trucking Show to present this year's awards.

Winners included many drivers with more than 30, 40, and 50 years of experience, including John Taylor of Virginia, who has 62 years of accident-free driving. I thank them all for their safety leadership.

Anne Ferro at Heart of America Trucking Show Safe Driver Awards; photo courtesy Land Line Magazine staff photographers.

The winners are just some of the many independent commercial truck drivers who demonstrate to all of us every day that America's truckers are delivering the goods that fuel our economy and doing it safely.

At the FMCSA, we spend each and every day working to keep America's roads and drivers safe. We couldn't do that without the support of partners like OOIDA and drivers like this year's honorees.

Congratulations--and thanks--to OOIDA, its leaders, and the conscientious drivers who keep the safety bar set high.

Anne Ferro is Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

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Congratulation ! And good job!!