Anne I would first like to commend you on actually stepping up and seeing what it is like to drive first hand. I am not yet an operator of a commercial truck but I soon will be. I do think that many of the rules that have been put in place are sound. Yet there are things that can be done to make it better for a driver to make a living. One thing I noticed while reading your post was that you stated "All of this counts as part of their 14-hour driving window, but they aren't paid for the time spent waiting and securing the load" however drivers are not allowed to drive 14 hours and while they can work for 14 hours they can only drive for 11 of those hours. So it is really a 14 hour working window not driving window. I have to say that a simple fix to all of this would be to allow the drivers to split their drive times so that if a driver is tired he can stop rest and then continue to drive. With the elogs that are becoming common place this would be easy to track and would make the roads a much safer place. Again thanks for stepping up I hope to see some good come from this experience.