Dear Sec. Foxx: Thank you for the opportunity to comment on the USDOT Stragegic Plan. My concerns are many but I will limit my comments to two areas: 1. Mass Transit and Diminishing Petroleum Supplies: As your strategic plan points out, America's dependence upon the automobile comes at a high price. While I am certain that most Americans consider their cars sacred extensions of themselves evidence strongly suggests that petroleum costs are increasing, carbon costs are increasing, and the era of suburban sprawl has met its greatest extent of expansion. Now is the time to begin planning for a future with rapidly decreasing petroleum per capita and the urgent need to keep America connected via affordable, reliable mass transit. 2. The Liveable communities of the future will require roads, paths, and trails that allow people to stay connected and healthy. I serve as president of the North Shore Nordic Club in Bigfork, Montana, and our Nordic ski trails serve the entire Flathead Valley over the winter season. We value the partnership we have with the Recreational Trails Grants program administered through the Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks rec trails program. We think this program serves the public well by providing recreational opportunities near our homes. I hope you will ensure that Trails dollars remain a part of the USDOT strategic planning. Thank you again for the opportunity to comment. Sincerely, Dave Hadden