The figures highlighted in the Secretary’s blog are neither trivial nor a subject for lighthearted conversation. The “doubling of highway miles traveled in 30 years” is conveyed as a proud accomplishment, but screams out for context. How much did population grow over the same period, are there other critical factors – e.g. women entering the workforce, the need to reduce energy consumption, or a recent trend away from driving – that make sense of the data? Knowing where congestion is happening is like a Doctor knowing where to operate to heal a patient. It tells us virtually nothing about the proper treatment. Increased safety and mobility may be “what the DOT is all about”. But real mobility, for all Americans, is so much more than highway miles traveled – which by definition can’t be traveled by bike or on foot, and doesn’t capture the efficiency of buses and carpools. If we all want to get home faster and we also want to be able to breathe, the solution is land use and development, and better transit and bicycling/walking options, all of which reduce the need to travel on highways every day. Transit for Livable Communities urges the Secretary to use these data as yet more evidence of the sustainable investments we must make now.