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  • Line of rail cars

    DOT Announces Final Rule to Strengthen Safe Transportation of Flammable Liquids by Rail

    Rule will make significant and extensive changes to improve safety.

  • Ladders logo

    DOT launches Ladders of Opportunity Transportation Empowerment Pilot

    LadderSTEP will provide technical assistance to game-changing community transportation projects in seven cities.

  • Grow America shield logo

    DOT sends revamped GROW AMERICA bill to Congress

    New GROW AMERICA Act is an updated, bolder version of its predecessor.

  • Web banner for Beyond Traffic

    Imagining the Future of Transportation

    Share Your Ideas!

  • Secretary Foxx at the Pro Walk, Pro Bike Annoucement

    Secretary Foxx issues Mayors' Challenge

    Mayors, other local elected officials urged to improve safety for bicycle riders and pedestrians of all ages and abilities.