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Briefing Room

  • Photo of transit station under construction

    Invest in America, Commit to the Future

    Secretary Foxx makes the case for a multi-year transportation bill in bus tour through eight states.

  • Graphic from the front cover of the DOT 2015 Budget highlights

    DOT Budget Highlights Fiscal Year 2015

    The FY 2015 President’s Budget request includes a $302 billion four-year surface transportation reauthorization proposal that will improve the operation and condition of the nation’s surface transportation systems.

  • Graphic advertising the data challenge. All challenge information is available at

    DOT launches Data Innovation Challenge

    Do you have what it takes to create innovative tools to address our nation’s transportation challenges or revolutionize the way Americans see and understand the transportation system they use every day? 

  • Photo of Secretary Foxx at National Bike Summit

    Secretary Foxx emphasizes support for safety, opportunity at National Bike Summit

    "Cities and towns across the country are taking steps to make biking an option for their residents, but we have a responsibility to make sure that it's a safe option, too. Our roads should be safe, easy places to travel, no matter how we’re traveling on them."

  • Chart of the Highway Trust Fund's Highway Account month-end balances

    DOT updates Highway Trust Fund Balance Tickers

    Updated monthly, the balance tickers depict actual and projected month-end balances for the Highway Trust Fund. Current DOT estimates anticipate a Highway Account shortfall sometime in August.