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FTA-funded doubling of popular light rail line will connect downtown to UNC, ease traffic, put thousands to work

At the Federal Transit Administration, we know that improved transportation has been one of the best examples of what one generation can leave to the next. And yesterday, at the groundbreaking for the 9.3-mile extension of its popular LYNX light rail Blue Line, I saw the city of Charlotte, NC, affirm that idea.

The new extension will double the length of the existing light rail system, create new development opportunities along the line, and significantly expand transit options for thousands of residents and students in the rapidly growing Charlotte region.

Photo of LYNX Blue Line light rail train in crowded station

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PHMSA cuts red tape, steps up efficiency for businesses

Earlier today, Secretary Foxx wrote about DOT efforts to improve efficiency in transportation. Recent changes to the approval process for transporting consumer fireworks offer a terrific example of DOT stepping up to meet this challenge.

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) has revised the process to speed approvals while continuing to meet strict safety requirements. Adding an efficient transport certification process will allow importers and shippers to get their goods to buyers with less delay and less red tape.

Photo of Hazardous Materials signage for HazMat Carriers

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Smart general aviation pilots won’t fly if they are taking a prescription that says Do not drive or operate machinery while taking this medication. But sometimes it’s not that clear-cut. Other prescription drugs and even some over-the-counter medicines can affect a pilot’s performance.

That’s why Federal Aviation Administrator Michael Huerta and the heads of 11 aviation associations sent a letter to all U.S.-registered pilots urging them to be more aware of the effect both prescribed medicines and non-prescription drugs can have on their skills and judgment.

Photo of general aviation aircraft on approach to land

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During my public swearing-in at DOT headquarters last week, I said that this Administration has an important mission: to build a stronger America, to create jobs, and to prepare the next generation to succeed in a global economy. For DOT that means working to improve the efficiency and performance of our existing transportation system. But, it means doing so in an era when we must work harder than ever to stretch our transportation dollar.

That's no small challenge. The American people are counting on us to be good stewards of their tax dollars even as we also build and maintain the roads, bridges, ports, buses, rails, and runways they need.

The good news? This Department has been getting better and better at improving the way we deliver the benefits of transportation to the American people.

Photo of Secretary Foxx speaking at his public swearing in with his family and Vice President Biden watching

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At a time when millions of Americans are traveling or thinking about summer travel on our roadways, there is no time like the present to stay focused on driving safety. A moment's distraction behind the wheel can be all it takes to turn your summer vacation into a tragic crash.

Fortunately, DOT has terrific safety partners to help get the word out that distracted driving threatens the safety of everyone on the road. AAA and the Automobile Club of Southern California have teamed up with DreamWorks Animation for a special public service announcement aimed at reducing distracted driving. 

The PSA features AAA IndyCar driver Helio Castroneves and Turbo, a character from the new 3D racing comedy, Turbo. Together, these two "drivers" do a great job sharing a great message!

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FMCSA investigation leads to shut-downs, civil penalties for safety and commercial violations

This year alone, more than 35 million Americans will move. It can be an exciting time; it can also be a stressful time--the items so familiar to your everyday life are closed into boxes, packed onto a truck, and shipped to a promising but unfamiliar new location.

To help ease your mind, protect your money, and preserve your memories, we want to ensure that everyone who moves is treated fairly by their moving company.

Too often, we hear from people who were tricked by moving companies who disappeared with their goods or held their goods hostage for more money. That's why the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is working so hard to protect consumers from unscrupulous carriers. And today, we announced that we are revoking or suspending the interstate operating authority of three Chicago-area household goods moving companies because of serious violations of safety and commercial regulations.

Photo of 2 men loading a couch onto a moving truck

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Earlier this month, in a post about the opening of the Mission Transit Center, we included a video from the Kansas City area's Mid-America Regional Council. Today, we've got the latest video in MARC’s TIGER series, a May 2013 progress report highlighting the transportation improvements TIGER is bringing to Kansas City.

Thanks to MARC for keeping the region's residents--and all of us--updated on the TIGER front!

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Wreath-laying commemorates Battle for the Northern Mariana Islands and the Liberation of Guam

Yesterday, Acting Maritime Administrator Paul ‘Chip’ Jaenichen attended a wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns commemorating the 69th anniversary of the Battle for the Northern Mariana Islands and honoring the sacrifices of Chamorros and the United States Armed Services--including the American Merchant Marine--during the July 1944 liberation of Guam.

On June 15, 1944, in the Northern Marianas, the 2nd and 4th Marine Divisions and the 27th Army Infantry division fought bravely to establish a base from which to strike the Japanese homeland. In doing so, they secured a new future for the people of the Northern Marianas. On July 21, 1944, units of the 3rd Marine Amphibious Force and the 77th Army Infantry Division landed and liberated the people of Guam, who had endured 32 months of enemy occupation.

Both campaigns were supported by U.S. merchant mariners, who delivered troops, food, guns, ammunition, and other supplies to Saipan, Tinian, and Guam.

Photo of wreath-laying ceremony with color guard

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The Conference Of Minority Transportation Officials has a simple goal: seeing the diverse faces of America equally reflected in all levels of the transportation industry. And since 1971, COMTO has worked hard to ensure a level playing field and greater participation for minority individuals and businesses in transportation.

The Department of Transportation shares a similar commitment to fair treatment and improved access to opportunity for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) and workers. Yesterday, at COMTO's 42nd National Meeting and Training Conference, Federal Transit Administrator Peter Rogoff and Deputy Federal Rail Administrator Karen Hedlund reaffirmed that commitment.

As Administrator Rogoff said, "One of the best things we can do for the future of transportation is to make sure everyone has the ability to take advantage of opportunities in transportation today and in the future."

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Photo of U.S.S. Holland being towed from Suisun Bay by a Foss tugboat

USS Holland, a 1963 submarine tender, is the latest vessel in the Maritime Administration's ahead-of-schedule program to remove obsolete Reserve Fleet ships from California's Suisun Bay.

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