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American innovation on display at Siemens Norwood Motors manufacturing facility

American innovation on display at Siemens Norwood Motors manufacturing facility

My final stop of the day on my week-long “Invest in America, Commit to the Future” bus tour was a visit to Siemens’ Norwood Motors Manufacturing Facility.

This plant was built at the turn of the 19th century, when railroads symbolized the nation’s revolution in technology. 

And thanks to companies like Siemens, rail is helping once again to lead a new era of American innovation.

Over the past five years, DOT has invested more than $12 billion dollars in high-performance rail, and we’ve extended a half-billion-dollar loan to Amtrak so they could purchase largest American-made fleet of electric locomotives built since World War II – a fleet made by Siemens. 

Photo courtesy of Siemens

While touring the factory, I had the chance to talk to some of the folks who were put to work building motors and gears – and Siemens has made room for even more hiring here, all because of opportunities created by investments like these. 

One of the folks I had a chance to meet was Dan White, who was hired in 2011 as a painter and in 2013 applied for and was hired as a new traction assembler, a position that was created as a result of Siemens’ new order for Amtrak locomotives.  Dan currently works on the gear boxes for the Amtrak Cities Sprinter locomotives where he focuses on gear assembly, testing, and detailing. Dan enjoys his work so much that he convinced his son, Derek, to join him at the plant as well.

But they’re not the only folks who have new or better jobs because of investments we make in rail. 

Because when we invest in rail in this country, DOT’s Buy America program ensures that everything we build is built with American parts and by American workers.  To build this fleet of electric locomotives, Siemens is working with 69 companies in 60 cities and in 23 states. 

This is something we’ve always understood in this country –  investing in transportation is a tried and true way to create jobs, and to grow business.

That’s a wrap for today!  Stay tuned for more updates from the road at http://www.dot.gov/invest-in-america.

Photo courtesy of Siemens

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