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  • Graphic from the front cover of the DOT 2015 Budget highlights

    DOT Budget Highlights Fiscal Year 2015

    The FY 2015 President’s Budget request includes a $302 billion four-year surface transportation reauthorization proposal that will improve the operation and condition of the nation’s surface transportation systems.

  • Graphic advertising the data challenge. All challenge information is available at

    DOT launches Data Innovation Challenge

    Do you have what it takes to create innovative tools to address our nation’s transportation challenges or revolutionize the way Americans see and understand the transportation system they use every day? 

  • Photo of pilots in commercial airplane cockpit

    FAA Boosts Aviation Safety with New Pilot Standards

    Final rule increases flight time, training, and testing required for co-pilots of U.S. passenger and cargo flights.

  • Photo of a serviceman at a Hero2Hired job event

    Go from hero to hired with the Veterans Transportation Career Center

    DOT online resources match Veterans' skills and experience to aviation jobs

  • Airplane in the sky

    Have an Airline Service Complaint?

    Believe you’ve been a victim of prohibited practices by air carriers or travel agents? We may be able to help.