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HR Operations

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Operations Main Contacts

Name Title Phone
Susan Schwartz Acting Associate Director 202-366-4886
Lacy Muir Employee and Labor Relations 202-366-9444
Vacant Training Officer 202-366-5098
Glenda Whiting Workforce Planning 202-366-3887

Service Team

Name Title Phone
Lillian Barrett-Lyons Supervisor Service Team 202-366-9418
LaShonda Cross Staffing/Classification 202-366-9449
Lisa Hudnell Staffing/Classification 202-366-8596
Sabrina Lewis Staffing/Classification 202-493-0554
Elizabeth Jenkins Staffing/Classification 202-366-9083

Benefits Team

Name Title Phone
Benefits Main Phone Number   202-366-4459
Senia Tucker Benefits and Entitlements 202-366-6390
Delores Griffin Benefits and Entitlements 202-366-4140

HR Automation/Processing Team

Name Title Phone
Automation/Processing Main Phone Number   202-366-4075
FAA Payroll Office   404-305-7010
Employee Express   800-827-6289
Employment Verification   800-367-5690
Vanessa Usual Supervisor Automation Processing 202-366-0391
Jastine Caine Automation/Processing 202-366-1214
Shaun Wilmore HR Assistant/Processing 202-366-9387
Vacant HR Assistant/Processing 202-366-7126
Bryana Craddock Student Intern 202-366-0401
Updated: Tuesday, June 11, 2013