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A compilation of rules, guidance, enforcement orders and other related information regarding aviation oversales.


Rules regarding aviation oversales
14 CFR Part 250View Rule
April 2011 amendmentsView PDF


Guidance on rules for aviation oversales
Reporting oversales: value of travel vouchers04/21/2006View PDF
Reporting of oversales: misreporting involuntary bumpings as voluntary, failing to report bumped passengers that are ineligible for compensation11/19/1996View PDF
Powerpoint presentation on 2011 amendments View Presentation
Notice of enforcement policy: oversale notice for foreign carriers


View PDF

Enforcement Orders

Enforcement Orders Regarding Aviation Oversales
NameOrder No.Document
Delta Air Lines, Inc.2013-6-20View PDF
American Airlines, Inc.2011-2-14View PDF
Comair2010-7-18View PDF
Southwest Airlines, Inc.2010-4-14View PDF
Spirit Airlines, Inc.2009-9-8View PDF
Delta Air Lines, Inc.2009-7-7View PDF
US Airways, Inc.2008-12-13View PDF
Frontier Airlines,Inc.2008-11-1View PDF
Northwest Airlines, Inc.2007-6-12View PDF
Updated: Tuesday, March 3, 2015