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Flight Delays

On-Time Performance Disclosure and Tarmac Delays

A compilation of rules, guidance, enforcement orders and publications on flight delays, on-time performance disclosure and tarmac delays.

Rules and Guidance

P.L. 112-95: Filing tarmac delay contingency plans with DOT 
Text of P.L. 112-95View PDF
February 24, 2012 DOT implementing noticeView PDF
List of carriers with 30 or more seats that must submit tarmac delay plans to DOTView PDF
Tarmac delays and other consumer issues[HOLD]
14 CFR Part 234 (prior to April 2011 amendment)View Rule


Frequently Asked Questions  
Consumer Rule I12/30/09[HOLD]
Consumer Rule II04/25/11[HOLD]

Enforcement Orders

NameOrder No. Document
China Eastern Airlines Co. Ltd.2014-11-14 View PDF
Air Canada rouge2014-10-23 View PDF
Air Europa2014-5-5 View PDF
British Airways PLC2014-4-8 View PDF
Qantas Airways Limited2014-1-11 View PDF
VRG Linhas Aereas S.A. d/b/a GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes2013-11-23 View PDF
Alaska Airlines, Inc.2013-11-17 View PDF
United Airlines, Inc.2013-10-13 View PDF
Avianca2013-8-9 View PDF
American Eagle Airlines, Inc.2013-7-18 View PDF
Air China Limited2013-5-3 View PDF
Caribbean Airlines Limited2013-3-15 View PDF
United Air Lines, Inc.2013-2-9 View PDF
Virgin America Inc.                              2012-12-20 View PDF
Copa Airlines, Inc.2012-12-18 View PDF
Pakistan International Airlines Corporation2012-9-21 View PDF
JetBlue Airways Corporation2012-8-25 View PDF
Air India2012-5-4 View PDF
American Eagle Airlines, Inc.2011-11-13 View PDF
Frontier Airlines, Inc.2011-6-10 View PDF
AirTran Airways, Inc.2011-4-2 View PDF
Southwest Airlines Co.2011-3-20 View PDF
United Air Lines, Inc.2010-9-22 View PDF
Pinnacle Airlines, Inc.2010-9-11 View PDF
ExpressJet Airlines, Inc.2009-11-18 View PDF
Continental Airlines, Inc.2009-11-17 View PDF
Mesaba Airlines2009-11-16 View PDF
US Airways, Inc.2008-4-4 View PDF
Delta Air Lines, Inc.2007-11-6 View PDF
Hawaiian Airlines, Inc.2007-10-5 View PDF
JetBlue Airways Corp.2007-10-4 View PDF


Coping with Flight DelaysView PDF
Development of Contingency Plans for Lengthy On-Board Ground DelaysView PDF
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