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A compilation rules, guidance, enforcement orders and publications on aviation charters.


Name Document
14 CFR Part 212 View Rule
14 CFR Part 380 View Rule


Name Date Issue Document
Sample assurances on Public Charter prospectuses 01/25/02013  
    -- Draft sample assurances   View PDF
    -- Request for comment on draft   sample assurances   View PDF
Clarification of Guidance on Public Charter Operations and Prospectuses 01/14/2013 View PDF
Public Charters: contracts, reservation records, debit cards, and vouchers: extension of effective date 12/11/2012 View PDF
Public Charters: contracts, reservation records, debit cards, and vouchers 11/13//2012 View PDF
Myrtle Beach Direct Air and Tours 03/14/2012 View PDF
College Bowl Games and Playoffs 12/05/2011 View PDF
Bowl game tours: game tickets 10/18/1994 View Guidance

Enforcement Orders

Name Order No. Document
MetJet, Inc., and Michael Heisman, individually Order 2014-8-8 View PDF
Charter by the Seat LLC 2014-3-5 View PDF
Valley National Bank 2013-9-2 View PDF
PrimeSport, Inc. 2013-7-15 View PDF
Sky King, Inc. 2013-2-7 View PDF
Vision Airlines, Inc. 2012-12-1 View PDF
Mauiva, LLC 2012-11-3 View PDF
TEM Enterprises dba Xtra Airways 2012-10-3 View PDF
Caribbean Sun Airlines d/b/a World Atlantic Airlines 2012-7-31 View PDF
Pilatus PC-12 Centre Canada, Inc. 2012-4-16 View PDF
Viajes Galiana, Inc. 2011-10-19 View PDF
Swift Air, LLC 2011-8-14 View PDF
Aviation Advantage, Inc. 2011-8-13 View PDF
City Skies, Inc. and Ronald E. Mays 2010-11-1 View PDF
Turismo Tony Perez 2009-4-3 View PDF
Holiday Airways Corp. d/b/a Holiday Air 2009-5-12 View PDF
Constellation Travel Services, Inc./Mr. Mujhtabah Mohammed 2008-12-3 View PDF
Thomals Kolfenbach, individually, and Southeast Airlines, Inc. 2006-12-5 View PDF
Vision Airlines, Inc., doing business as Vision Air 2006-11-20 View PDF
Israir Airlines and Tourism, Ltd. 2006-11-13 View PDF
North American Airlines, Inc. 2006-10-16 View PDF
Ritetime Aviation & Travel Services, Inc., and O. Peter Obafemi   View PDF
Boston-Maine Airways Corp. 2006-7-7 View PDF
Starquest Expeditions, Inc. 2005-11-14 View PDF
World Airways, Inc. 2005-11-1 View PDF
Southern Caribbean Air, Inc. 2005-7-6 View PDF
Frontier Airlines, Inc. 2004-8-20 View PDF
Delta Air Lines, Inc. 2004-1-7 View PDF
Ryan International Airlines, Inc. 2003-12-15 View PDF
Delta Air Lines, Inc. 2003-11-16 View PDF
Arthur Solomon and Native Air Charters, Inc. 2002-12-13 View PDF
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