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A compilation rules, guidance, enforcement orders and publications on aviation charters.


14 CFR Part 212View Rule
14 CFR Part 380View Rule


NameDate IssueDocument
Sample assurances on Public Charter prospectuses01/25/02013 
    -- Draft sample assurances View PDF
    -- Request for comment on draft   sample assurances View PDF
Clarification of Guidance on Public Charter Operations and Prospectuses01/14/2013View PDF
Public Charters: contracts, reservation records, debit cards, and vouchers: extension of effective date12/11/2012View PDF
Public Charters: contracts, reservation records, debit cards, and vouchers11/13//2012View PDF
Myrtle Beach Direct Air and Tours03/14/2012View PDF
College Bowl Games and Playoffs12/05/2011View PDF
Bowl game tours: game tickets10/18/1994View Guidance

Enforcement Orders

NameOrder No.Document
MetJet, Inc., and Michael Heisman, individually Order2014-8-8View PDF
Charter by the Seat LLC2014-3-5View PDF
Valley National Bank2013-9-2View PDF
PrimeSport, Inc.2013-7-15View PDF
Sky King, Inc.2013-2-7View PDF
Vision Airlines, Inc.2012-12-1View PDF
Mauiva, LLC2012-11-3View PDF
TEM Enterprises dba Xtra Airways2012-10-3View PDF
Caribbean Sun Airlines d/b/a World Atlantic Airlines2012-7-31View PDF
Pilatus PC-12 Centre Canada, Inc.2012-4-16View PDF
Viajes Galiana, Inc.2011-10-19View PDF
Swift Air, LLC2011-8-14View PDF
Aviation Advantage, Inc.2011-8-13View PDF
City Skies, Inc. and Ronald E. Mays2010-11-1View PDF
Turismo Tony Perez2009-4-3View PDF
Holiday Airways Corp. d/b/a Holiday Air2009-5-12View PDF
Constellation Travel Services, Inc./Mr. Mujhtabah Mohammed2008-12-3View PDF
Thomals Kolfenbach, individually, and Southeast Airlines, Inc.2006-12-5View PDF
Vision Airlines, Inc., doing business as Vision Air2006-11-20View PDF
Israir Airlines and Tourism, Ltd.2006-11-13View PDF
North American Airlines, Inc.2006-10-16View PDF
Ritetime Aviation & Travel Services, Inc., and O. Peter Obafemi View PDF
Boston-Maine Airways Corp.2006-7-7View PDF
Starquest Expeditions, Inc.2005-11-14View PDF
World Airways, Inc.2005-11-1View PDF
Southern Caribbean Air, Inc.2005-7-6View PDF
Frontier Airlines, Inc.2004-8-20View PDF
Delta Air Lines, Inc.2004-1-7View PDF
Ryan International Airlines, Inc.2003-12-15View PDF
Delta Air Lines, Inc.2003-11-16View PDF
Arthur Solomon and Native Air Charters, Inc.2002-12-13View PDF
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