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Archived Guidance

As part of a continuing effort to ensure that the guidance issued by the Enforcement Office is up to date, the Office has placed the following   outdated documents in archived status.  Some or all of the information in the archived guidance documents has been superseded by statute or formal rulemaking.  Continued reliance on any document in the archive is not advised.

Date Subject
November 28,2012 Bowl Game Guidance
December 5, 2011 College Bowl Games and Playoffs
October 3, 2011 Advertising air fares on social media sites
June 21, 2010 Re Petition to stay the effectiveness of wheelchair seat-strapping provision
December 13, 2006 College Bowl Games and Playoffs
November 4, 2004 Disclosure of airfare variations: web vs. other sources Surcharges that may be listed separately in advertisements
September 4, 2003 Advertising: "free" tickets, disclosure of fees
July 8, 2003 Reporting of Disability-Related Air Travel Complaints
June 5, 2002 Advertising:
December 19, 2001 Internet fare advertising of service fees
June 14, 2001 Disability issues: updated version of Part 382
May 4, 2001 Disability issues: boarding assistance on aircraft with 31 or more seats
January 18, 2001 Internet fare advertising, especially fuel surcharges
May 18, 2000 Disability issues: Applicability of the Air Carrier Access Act to Foreign Air Carriers
March 4, 1998 Disability issues:
May 23, 1997 Disability issues:
March 18, 1996 Internet advertising
July 14, 1995 Fare advertising:
March 9, 1995 Fare advertising: "each way"
October 18, 1994 Bowl game tours: game tickets
May 1, 1992 Fare advertising: add-on taxes and fees
April 10, 1992 Cancellation penalties
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