• Photo of transit station under construction

    Invest in America, Commit to the Future

    Secretary Foxx making the case for a multi-year transportation bill in 8-state bus tour.

  • Graphic advertising the data challenge

    DOT launches Data Innovation Challenge

    CREATE innovative tools to meet our transportation challenges.
    REVOLUTIONIZE America's transportation system.
    SHOW us what you can do!

  • Chart depicting end-of-month balances for Highway Trust Fund accounts

    DOT updates its Highway Trust Fund Ticker

    Updated monthly, the ticker depicts actual and projected month-end balances for the Highway Trust Fund's Highway Account and Mass Transit Account. Current DOT estimates anticipate a Highway Account shortfall sometime before the end of Fiscal Year 2014.

  • Budget FY 2015 Cover Image

    DOT Budget Highlights Fiscal Year 2015

    The FY 2015 President’s Budget request includes a $302 billion four-year surface transportation reauthorization proposal that will improve the operation and condition of the Nation’s surface transportation systems.

  • Photo of inspector checking out a motorcoach

    FMCSA strikes quickly for motorcoach passenger safety

    Investigators take 52 unsafe companies and 340 vehicles off the road as FMCSA delivers on Motorcoach Safety Initiative.